Friday, 15 January 2010


A dear friend of mine suggested here that gluttony is a largely unaddressed issue in our churches, particularly for women.
I know there have been times in my life when food has consumed way more thought space than it ought, and never thinking of it as a spiritual problem, have never sought God's help in overcoming it.
What about you? What do you think?
  • Is gluttony an issue for us?
  • How is it caught up with the issue of body image and vanity?
  • Have you struggled with how you think about food?
  • How do you know if it is becoming an idol for you?


Erin said...

Food has always been an issue for me, but mainly becasue it has such an affect on body image (well, in western culture anyway).
I think that a bigger issue is Self control - which can lead to gluttony. For me they are related.

Little things like being willing to wait the extra few minutes while we say grace before starting to eat, only taking one biscurt instead of two, or choosing a healthy snack instead of something processed.

I find that people who are self controled about food become self controled about other things. A friend of mine would not be able to wait until we got home if we got take away, and she then struggled with another more serious issue that I saw as a matter of self control.

Maybe if we practise self control about food we can be more self controled in other aspects of our life. As we don't see food as such a big deal we let our bodies rule our heads and don't learn to control ourselves.

Maybe that over simplifies it, I'm not sure. But there seems to be a link from what I observe (in others and myself). And it doesn't really just have to do with weight - some of the people I know who seem to have the least control are quite skinny, and have never had to address their issues with food because it doesn't show as much as it does on other people.

Rachael said...

Thanks, Erin, you have made some thoughtful comments.