Monday, 18 January 2010

castle in cricket?

Over the weekend, certain persons in the house were working on a cryptic crossword puzzle. It was the puzzle in Friday's SMH set by "DA". One clue, 22-across, read:
"caught yours truly (6)".
In this particular puzzle, the answers to all the across clues shared a theme and so the clues did not contain the usual straight part. As they worked on the puzzle, it became apparent that the theme was cricket with other answers like third man, leg side, short leg, the ashes, etc.

The answer to 22-across seems to be 'castle'. 'c' from caught and 'astle' because the name of the person who created the puzzle (yours truly) is David Astle. The S and the L match with other answers in the grid (unsure about C). However, we are all puzzled as to how this is a cricketing term.

One suggestions went like this;
the 'castle' is when the captain comes in to bat but he doesn't want to face so is permitted to swap with the batsman at the other end, the move thus protecting the most important player in the team.

So, here are my questions.
  1. Are we right? Is the answer castle?
  2. Can you explain how is it a cricketing term?


amy perkins said...

Hi Rachael. My Dad (who lives in Melbourne) and I have a weekly daughter-father bonding thing where we both try and complete the DA (on a Fri in Sydney and a Sat in Melbourne). It's good fun and we love the challenge as well as interacting with each other about it. He got 'castle' out before I could and knew it as a cricketing term, I didn't ask him to explain, but wikipedia says to be 'castled' is 'out bowled often by a full length or yorker'.

amy again said...

Ok, I checked with Gav. He says your castle is your stumps. So to be castled is to be bowled. Now that he's said that, I realise that Dad did explain that to me at the time we were talking about the clue.......obviously too trivial for me to retain!

Rachael said...

That's great, thanks Amy.

Rachael said...

Completing a DA is considered the ants pants in this household. Glen says it's OK to say he's never managed one yet, but was only one clue away from it last Friday.