Saturday, 30 January 2010


By the time I publish this we are already back in Vanuatu, but here are some photos of our camping trip last Monday. It seemed a little ridiculous to me to squeeze in a camping trip on our last night but one in Australia but it did make for a long and good night's sleep being so dark and so quiet (and we had taken a decent mattress!).

We went to "Murphy's Glen", a camping site in the Blue Mountains National Park with access from Woodford. I remember camping there as a child and, unusually, it hasn't changed in 25 years, except for the installation of a long drop. It is a beautiful spot, with exceptionally tall trees for the area, but there is very little flat ground for pitching tents and no water (you must carry everything you need). There is also no cost (also unusual for NP camping spots these days).

The children were incredibly excited and enjoyed putting up tents, exploring and roasting marshmallows, even if it was over a gas burner. We weren't sure of the current fire regulations so decided to play it safe despite a sudden and quick storm while we were preparing dinner. Can you work out what Bethany did after a particularly loud crack of thunder?


Meredith said...

That looks really wonderful. I pray that you will settle back into life in Vanuatu smoothly, gently and happily and that the Lord will fill your hearts with contentment - of the times you have had this summer and for the times ahead.

Rachael said...

Thanks Meredith!

Christopher Taylor said...

nice photos

Raeline said...

Lovely photos Rachael. I have not as yet down loaded my photos.