Monday, 14 December 2009

new classrooms!


    ... window frames eaten out by termites that crumble on touch.
    ... flyscreens ripped around the edges and blowing in the breeze.
    ... louvre frames rusted, unshut-able, unable to keep out the rain.
    ... having to stop class to remove glass panes before they fall and break on the floor.
    ... the growing pile of louvre glass panes in the corner.
    ... the concrete bricks, never painted, dull and dirty.

Then in come the team from backyard blitz... no, sorry, the team from changing rooms... no, that's the team from Christ Church St Ives Youth Group (all having just finished their HSC). Three of four days of hard work later and...

    ... freshly painted classrooms, inside and out.
    ... new timber in the window frames.
    ... new louvre frames installed, no panes missing.
    ... flyscreens replaced, no more holes.
    ... corrugated iron roof painted to prevent rusting.

The classrooms look better than ever. The students won't be able to believe their eyes and will appreciate your hard work very much. It will mean a lot to them, as it does to us, that you have put love into action so far from home where the benefit to you is but the joy of having served your brothers and sisters.

The team also covered library books and laid the foundation for a water-tank next to the library.

Though I was not there at the time, I have heard report that all their work was carried out with much eagerness, maturity and determination.

Thank you for your hard work and it was a pleasure to share with you in the work of Christ in this way.

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