Tuesday, 8 December 2009

looking for a christmas song

I'm looking for a christmas song (about Jesus) to teach the children to sing on Christmas day.

I'm also interested in a poem they could learn.

Any recommendations?


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael,

How about "Glory to God" from The King the Snake & the Promise?
Starts with Jesus birth & finishes with Easter & Matthew could join in the chorus!

And I've discovered this English poet called U. A Fanthorpe who only died this year & seems to write simple poetry about Christmas - try this site -

http://www.christmas-time.com/ct-whatdonk.htm for "What the Donkey Saw"

or The Greatest Gift of All by Paul Curtis - very short.

Hang in there & keep working at making Christmas God honouring & Christ focussed!


Rachael said...

Thanks Alison, both those poems look great - a simple message and simple enough to learn.

Michelle said...

It might be a bit late now, but I also second 'Glory to God': I once taught it to my Sunday School with actions in Auslan. I had the advantage of having a teacher who could sign in Auslan, but you can look up their website and find the signs easily for a few key words. I found that having the actions really reinforced the meaning of the words (I love the Auslan sign for 'Jesus' - check it out).

Bron said...

There's a Colin Buchanan song, "Who is he in yonder stall?" which is a great song. We did it as an item for church last year.

Rachael said...

Just want to let you know Alison, that both the girls have learnt their poems already - the two you recommended! Now we'll just have to work on nerves before recital in front of extended family members.

Rachael said...

Is this the one you mean, Michelle?