Wednesday, 9 December 2009

late for advent, again

Just like last year. I'm late for advent. Well, late for starting advent calendar activities.

However, it means I picked up a great bargain on a wooden advent calendar-drawer thingy and if we go double pace we might be there by Christmas.

But now as I'm sitting down to think about dividing up the bible verses into 25 parts to tell the Christmas story, I've got the same question I had last year.

Most of what is in the traditional nativity scene happens AFTER the birth. The shepherds and the magi come to the stable AFTER he is born.

What do I do about that? How do you not tell most of the story until AFTER Christmas. How do you stretch half the story out for 24 days and then do the other half in one morning? How is it that all the other characters appear on the scene and are waiting for baby Jesus to arrive on Christmas morning, when actually, in the story, they haven't turned up yet, and might not turn up for a week or so. It isn't in proportion!

I know the Jesse Tree has a great answer to this, by looking at the OT as well in the days before Christmas.

But what other solutions have people come up with to this dilemma?


Anonymous said...

You're right Rachael - the responses to Jesus arrival obviously come after he is born - my solution is to plan your Advent Bible readings so you have maybe a weeks worth of readings between Christmas Day & New Year - life settles down a bit in that week & so it's a great time to focus on the shepherds, angels, Herod, the wise men, Simeon, even the escape into Egypt. This also means you can start your Advent readings a bit further into December, if you find you're late again - or stretch Advent out if you're organised!


Anna said...

Hi Rachael,
An advent calender of readings starting on 15th December and finishing on 1st January is available from

Maybe you are not too late after all!

Rachael said...

Thanks Alison for that idea and Anna for the link. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael, we have been using an advent calendar with 24 pockets I bought at Oxfam Shop. I have made a small card for each pocket that lists three things: a verse (following those found on the page at, a reading working our way through the first 24 chapters of the Jesus Storybook Bible which means you cover the OT and get to the Jesus bit just before Christmas (got this idea from Nicole's website, I think) and the third is a fun activity ranging from decorating the tree to reading Christmas books. It's all going pretty well so far! Amy Perkins

Rachael said...

Thanks Amy! It's lots of fun, isn't it? We've been making decorations, cards and even have set up a display of the gifts from the magi. I might post about them some time....