Monday, 14 December 2009

Interested in mission?

Interested in Africa?

My brother and his wife, together with their three children will be leaving for Tanzania in January with CMS. After language training, they will live and work at Munguishi Bible college, training pastors and evangelists.

They have recently found out that their daughter has a severe anaphylatic allergy to egg. This may actually be easier to manage in Tanzania than Australia (because egg is not used much in cooking) but the health-care is much less advanced should an emergency situation develop.

Mike and Katie are still committed to going to Tanzania and trust our gracious and loving Father with their lives. However, they are understandably concerned about their first four months during which they will both do intensive language study and neither will be able to be the primary carer for their children during class times.

CMS is looking for someone who would like to help as a short term volunteer to care for their children, and children of other missionaries also studying language during this time. Here is a quote from CMS News, Latest Missionary Oppurtunites, 9/12/2009

Home School assistant - URGENT NEED

There is an urgent need for someone who would be prepared to assist three of our families during their language study in Tanzania. If you are able to home school 3 delightful infant/primary children and keep a preschooler occupied AND are able to depart for Tanzania on either 12 or 17 January 2010 (to travel with the family) AND can stay in lovely Musoma on the shores of Lake Victoria up until the middle of May 2010 then come on down have we got a deal for you!!
Contact your CMS branch NOW if you are willing to fill this position.


Erin said...

Oh, if only I didn't have to finish off uni first half next year. Sounds like a great oppurtunity. Praying they find someone perfect for the job.

Mike said...

A couple from South Australia have offered to go. Thanks all for your prayers - this is great news! Thanks for putting the ad up Rach.