Sunday, 1 November 2009

this is the life

Some lines for a song have been flitting around in my head over the last few days. I think they'd make a good verse in a song about life here. They wouldn't be sufficient by any means. But here they are...
Tapping ants from my toothbrush,
shoo-ing geckos from my bed,
sifting weevils from the flour,
combing lice from my head!

And the chorus would include these lines:
This is the life
of this missionary wife

But it would have to end like this;
but I wouldn't change the life
of this missionary wife.

Because despite all the little things that make me groan and complain sometimes, its definitely worth being here.


Mum said...

Is the song your own creation?
I like it.
I'd like to hear some more verses. Does it have a tune?
It would be good to include in my talk on the life of a missionary wife. (The talk I was asked to do but which I haven't done yet)

Rachael said...

I haven't got any more verses yet, just vague ideas. No tune yet. I'm not good at tunes.

Wendy said...

If this was the one you acciddentally put on in Tandem - I like it - it could go there too!!