Tuesday, 3 November 2009

thinking differently

My two girls have such different ways of thinking and responding to the world around them.  It's amazing that they can be sooo different.  Here are some examples.

I was reading the 23rd Psalm to them.  I read it through and then suggested that they close their eyes and try to visualise it as I read it again.  Then I asked what they could see.

Sophie:  Nothing!
Bethany: I could see all these sheep and they all had people heads on them!  And there was a shepherd and he was wearing a red T-shirt and blue overalls and he was God!
Sophie: Did David write that psalm?
Me: Yes.
Sophie: Well I think that he wrote about God being like a shepherd because he was a shepherd and he knew about looking after sheep.

Glen and I sing "Love the Lord your God" to them for the first time.

Bethany:  She doesn't say anything, she just stands up on her chair and dances.
Sophie:  Waits until we are finished as says, "I like that song.  I like the words, I like the tune, I like the rhythm and I like the height" (by 'height' she meant that she liked the way the tune went up high).

We are in the village where we did field experience.  It is the closing ceremony.  Gift giving is very important culturally here, being the expression of establishing and continuing friendships.  We have been eating a delicious feast but someone gets up to present Sophie with some gifts.  They try and put a wreath of flowers on her head.  She pushes it off and spits.  Unperturbed, they keep going with their small talk.  Sophie wanders around and spits again.  They present her with a chicken.  She ignores them.  She is supposed to touch the chook indicating she accepts their gift.  Bethany meanwhile is touching the chicken and looking desperately at Sophie.  Sophie spits again.  I realise she is holding some chicken insides which she must've inadvertently eaten and so is spitting to try and get rid of the taste.  I grab the offending morsel and holding her hand, touch the chicken and then pull her back to the chair with me.  Glen and I explain what she should have done.  She immediately goes and touches the chicken.  She always wants to do the right thing but distracted as she was, didn't even realise what was going on.

Bethany learns so much by looking, watching and observing.  Sophie needs things explained.  Distracted as she was by what she had eaten, there was no way she could take in what was happening around her and act upon it.

Different ways of thinking and responding to the world around them.  They like different things they are good at different things.  I expect they require different strategies for discipline, only I have worked this out yet.

One thing is the same.  They love each other dearly.

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