Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Earth Art

Our girls are doing a unit of work with school at the moment called "Earth Art". It is inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworhty which you can read about and browse here. Some of it seems pretty ordinary, but some is terribly clever, like this one (look closely!). The basic priciple of Earth Art is that you can use only what you can find in nature and mustn't harm any living thing to the extent that branches may not be removed from trees.

We're now in the process of trying our own earth art.

First we had to look closely at colours and patterns in nature. We had fun with the camera! Can you guess what these are?

Then, we worked some artwork together. Our first attempt was to produce a bird by poking leaves into a tuft of bamboo-grass but it was too time-consuming and we gave up.

We were delighted with how this sunflower turned out; made from yellow leaves, paw-paw seeds and soil.

This rainbow was to show the many and different colours in our flora, but we got stuck at blue! The flowers are threaded onto the middle part of coconut-palm leaves, the green part having been torn off.

From now it's over to the girls to produce their own pieces.  I'll keep you posted.


Raeline said...

The middle one must be coral.

Congratulations on your beautiful art.

Raeline said...

How have you got the prongs attached at the top
where they attach to the chains.

Rachael said...

It's not attached to the chains, just balanced on the basket which you cannot see because it is hidden by the flowers.

The middle one is coral!