Monday, 2 November 2009

being thankful for Matthew

Matthew is at the moment recovering from what turned out to be quite a serious infection.

Yesterday I mentioned some little things that make me "groan and complain" but which in the end don't make an ounce of difference about whether we stay here or not.

Thinking about what would have happened to Matthew without antibiotics is a much more sobering thought.

I'm probably a lot more like Job's wife than I like to think; putting conditions on my service; conditions on what I accept from God; conditions, conditions, my conditions; after all, he's my child.

At the moment we're very thankful to God
  • for the blessing of antibiotics
  • that his particular infection responded to the antibiotics we had on hand (apparently it doesn't always)
  • for our friends who prayed with us
  • for our doctor-friend always ready to help us at times like this
  • for the clinic which was able to supply us with the stronger antibiotic that we needed
  • for our Matthew, who we love dearly

We know that God loves him even more than we ever could and are learning to trust Him in every circumstance. Sometimes its not easy.

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Bron said...

I didn't realise that Matthew was unwell. What caused the infection? How is he going?