Tuesday, 13 October 2009

yum yum yogurt

Until now, whenever we have asked Sophie what she misses most about Australia, without any hesitation, she replies,
Well, this is the case no longer.

When back in Australia recently I found a commercially available yogurt maker, which is basically a 1L plastic container which fits well inside a thermos. I also purchased a couple of the commercial yogurt culture sachets which you mix with water and put inside the plastic container. Then you pour boiling water into the thermos and put the container in. The container is held above the hot water so that mixture warms up. If it were to go in the hot water, it would get too hot and kill the bacteria that produce the yogurt.

I only bought a couple of the commercial sachets having a vague idea that you can just use powdered milk and a spoonful of the last yogurt to keep propagating the bacterial culture that produces the yogurt.

Well, it is all you need! Now we have beautiful yogurt everyday, all for the cost of 1L of milk made up from powder (per day). Fantastic.

The yogurt maker was Sophie's birthday present and I thought she might enjoy making it. Probably she would, but it has been her father that has become the yogurt whiz. It took a couple of weeks of playing around to get conditions just right, but he seems to have it working perfectly now.

Yum, yum, yogurt!


Wendy said...

We use that all the time - and we love it too. Now I'm wondering if I can also easily avoid keeping buying the new sachets. Are you willing to share exactly what you do??


Rachel said...

I'm with Wendy. I buy way way too many of those sachets and I'd love to avoid doing so when possible if I can! :)

Rachael said...

OK, I'll ask Glen to write out what he does and post it soon.

Bron said...

does it taste better than the bought stuff?

Rachael said...

It tastes great but it's been so long now since I've had the bought stuff that I can't compare. I do remember the 'lite' bought stuff having an aftertaste. This doesn't have that, but we've been using full cream milk powder, which might have its down-side!!