Tuesday, 27 October 2009

our weekend

We had a good time over the weekend. Thank you for your prayers. With great thankfulness to God, I am able to say that,

  • The students prepared well and were able to proclaim Christ to many more people than they'd been able to before.

  • More women came to our last bible study than ever before. The student wives had prepared well and delivered good talks on prayer and meeting with other christians.

  • We are tired, but no one is sick.

Over the year we were able to witness the great impact regular good teaching from God's word has on his people. Never give up doing this!

Please keep praying for those that heard God's word over this year, especially for those who understood the gospel properly for the first time. Pray that though we have had a part in God's work there, that He would keep making his people grow and mature in Christ.

Here are some photos of Sophie and Bethany walking home, accompanied half way by their friends from the village. Sophie has begun campaigning to go to the local school next year to be with her friends.

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Meredith said...

That last photo is the most precious photo ever. One to treasure. I praise God with you for the good weekend and back to the photo - for all the good things that are captured in that image.