Thursday, 8 October 2009

My Friend Grace

Her name isn't really Grace. But let me tell you about her all the same.

She's amazing. God has given her a great gift of evangelism.

If you read between the lines here, you'll know what I'm doing when I'm on a boat with my kids and how unlikely it is that I'll ever do that again. Well, Grace goes on the boat and what does she do? She leads women to Christ. She spends a couple of days with them praying and teaching them about this new life.

Grace goes to town and goes to the park and speaks to women about Jesus.

She goes home and leads her Mum to Christ.

She teaches scripture and ten children come to know Jesus and Lord and Saviour.

'I'm not afraid,' she says. 'I think God's given me this gift. I love telling people about Jesus.'

I rejoice everyday that I know her and God has given her to me as a friend. Please pray for her and for those she meets and leads to Christ.

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