Thursday, 17 September 2009

Talua Sunday

Last Sunday was Talua Sunday.  This is the day when the college splits up into teams of two or three and visits churches throughout Santo.  It is an oppurtunity for the community to hear about what has been happening over the past year and about what will be happening in the next year.  It's a great chance for everyone to join together in praying for the work that Talua does and to generously provide for it.  This year, as in the past few years, money collected on Talua Sunday goes towards maintenance; materials required for upkeep and development of the college and for the salary of our handy-man, who does a great job.


Anonymous said...

Just thinking Rachael,

Would it be helpful for you & Glen (& other expat staff at Talua) to extend Talua Sunday to your link churches (ie places like Narellan!) & encourage us to set aside this particular Sunday, in our churches, to remember, highlight, pray for, give towards the ministry of the college. You could provide us with a kit of material to help educate us about the history & purpose of the college, the role of the college in Vanuatu, the role of missionary staff like yourselves, & provide us with staff & student names to pray for plus the current needs/challenges for the college. Maybe a DVD to show, some interviews with staff & students.

You get the idea. I'm guessing this would be a lot of work, but if there are a number of expat staff at the college, then maybe it could be a team effort & it could go out to multiple churches/supporters back home.

Just a thought - no pressure!


Rachael said...

Sure, that's a great idea.