Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Reading Proverbs with Children

Have you ever done this?  We hadn't, and we didn't expect it to be a raving success.  But contrary to our expectations it was.  We haven't been creative about it, just read them (maybe up to ten at a time) and answered the children's questions.  Usually we read another part of the bible and then some proverbs.  Now, after the other reading, there are chants of "Proverbs!  Proverbs!  Proverbs!"

I can't work out why they like them so much.  Some of the proverbs really surprise them, especially the ones about disciplining children (don't be silly, Dad, it doesn't really say that).  But they really like them.

Encouragement comes from strange places sometimes.


Hannah Blake said...

Yep, I remember loving Proverbs when our family read some, only I was about 9 by then. I think it's partly that they're so short - I could never really understand whole big chunks of the Bible, but I could manage a sentence! And they are easy to visualise, because there's so much imagery and personification in them. Maybe I should read them again!

PS So glad you're back to blogging! It's great to hear what's happening. xx

allyson adeney said...


I once read about a family who used Proverbs on a monthly cycle. If the date was the 23rd, they read the Chapter 23 of the Proverb. The whole Chapter. If they missed a day....they missed a proverb.... because they got to it the next month when they started again at Proverbs 1.
While I don't think it's sufficient, or necessary, I think it is a pretty cool idea.
Keep us posted on how it continues.
Ally <'v'>

Rachael said...

I knew someone else who did that in the personal bible reading.

Sophie sat down and read from where we were up to to the end of the book the other day. It's the most she's ever read an ordinary bible!