Wednesday, 9 September 2009

On being an Aunty

On my recent visit to Sydney (which I may write more about another time) I had the unexpected, delightful and long forgotten pleasure of being an Aunty.  Not just being an Aunty, but of spending some wonderful time with my nephews and nieces.  It's not that I don't see them at other times, I do.  But this time, my own children were not there to play with their cousins (and given that these oppurtunities are so rare, they are loathe to forgo them) or to occupy my attention.   So I played with them and I loved it.  We read books, played games, cuddled and chatted.

Even more special was being able to cuddle my new nephews, 

Samuel James Taylor,
born 26th July to my brother Michael and his wife, Katie;

and Jack Emmanuel Ralphs,
born 7th August to my sister Bronnie and her husband, Dave;

and my new "niece",
Elise Laura Mackay,
born 11th July to my wonderful friends, Julie and Fil.

More pictures of Jack and Samuel here.

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