Monday, 28 September 2009

mother and daughter time together

Ever since I read about Cathy's weekend away with her daughter Audrey the idea of such a time away with my girls has been floating around in my head.  Nothing's every come of it.  Yet.  But, what a wonderful oppurtunity it would be...

My perspective on Mother and Daughter Time Together has completely changed recently due to this book that came in a parcel of schoolwork for Bethany.  If Mum and Me were Mermaids by Pauline Stewart is a bubbly and imaginative book about a little girl's afternoon at the beach with her Mum.  We enjoyed reading it together, but what really caught my eye was one of the recommendation on the back cover, which went something like,
this book captures every little girl's fantasy of having her Mum all to herself.
This was a revelation for me.  My little girls have this fantasy?

So the idea of a day away with each daughter surfaced again.  And I mentioned it to them.  Would they like to do something like that?  Oh, yeah!  But again, nothing came of it.

On Saturday, Sophie asked when we were going to go away for the weekend together.  Pleased as punch that she seems so keen on the idea, yet wanting to test the waters, I asked,

A weekend away just the two of us?  But don't you get too much time with Mum at school everyday?

S: But I don't mean for school.  I just want to go away and sit and cuddle.
Me: Oh?
S: That's why I don't want to go to that Motel because there we have to cook and wash-up ourselves.  I want to go somewhere where they do all that for you and we can just sit and cuddle.

So now I'm really keen on the idea.  But nothing's come of it.  Yet.  Except some extra cuddles.

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Mum said...

This is something I always wanted to do, yet never made time for it. Make sure you do.