Monday, 14 September 2009

good news on the chick front

It is still alive.

Actually it seems to be doing quite well.

Apparently it is male, which is not what we'd hoped for as it doesn't look like he'll have a long and happy life providing eggs for his beloved family.  He'll probably just provide Christmas dinner.  Once.

He is getting to large for his coconut and for being inside in a box so we have constructed a little enclosure out of chicken wire next to our verandah.  The holes in the chicken wire are too big (and he can escape) and I spent a couple of hours weaving coconut palm fronds through the bottom third of the wire so he can no longer escape.

The funny thing is that he spends the whole day inside his enclosure, happily protected from the fierce mother hens that otherwise attack him, but come dark we hear persistent chirps from him and on going to investigate find him waiting outside the front door wanting to come in.  So he obviously can get out, but chooses not to.


Mum said...

Pity about just 1 meal.

Are you now considering getting more chicks, in the hope of a meal sequence?

Rachael said...

no, we would like some layers, though

Bron said...

That's really cute. I'd prefer your chick to our chook, Penelope. She escapes from our backyard 3 or 4 times a day. She's constantly going to our neighbour's yard. She is very tricky and will escape any chance she gets. I feel like I'm living in the movie 'Chicken Run'. Needless to say, the chooks are now locked up until we can figure out how Penelope's escaping.