Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Chick, chick, chicky

Here's a picture of a little chick that Bethany found, abandoned by her mother. We have been shown the local way to house them. The coconut husk keeps them warm and can be hung up out of harm's way.

The little chick in the picture has been with us since Sunday and is thriving.  Unlike some of the others that have come our way, this one was healthy and we are hopeful that it will survive.

Today and yesterday have been very rainy with some exceptionally heavy downpours.  Our house was completely surrounded by water.  In the middle of all this, Bethany noticed the distressed cries of another chick.  It was stuck at the edge of the ornamental garden around the house, unable to jump up onto the grass and up to its eyes in water.  Its mother was some way away.  Bethany rescued it from the water but it was too weak and wet to follow its mother.  We took it in, warmed it up and dried it.  Later on, when the rain has subsided, we found its mother and returned it.  There was a happy reunion and five minutes later we were not even sure which one it was.

We have noticed while we are here that some hens are good mothers and some are not.  Some lose one or more of theirs and some, though with ten or eleven, do not lose any.  The good mothers never stop clucking.  The bad mothers are quiet.  Their chicks straggle behind and are not called back soon enough.  Danger comes and they are too far from their mothers.

I wonder what message there is in this for us?


Glenyss said...

Is the little chick likely to become dinner? Or perhaps it is a girl chick and will eventually give you eggs?

Keep up the clucking, Rach. You're doing a great job.

Rachael said...

We're hoping for the latter.

cluck... cluck... clukity cluck

Mike said...

katie's dad talks about some of his ewes being good mums and others being bad. In fact, he talks about some breeds being better than others.

maybe, while mothering is natural and instinctual, 'good' mothering is not, and something that one has to work on?