Wednesday, 29 July 2009

this week at school

Third term began this term, and for the first time in two years we found ourselves without any school-work from the correspondance school.  It hasn't arrived yet.  So, this week we've been doing a bit of impromptu home-schooling.

Each day we've read a chapter from one of the 'ten girls' books.  Each chapter is a very short biography of a christian woman.  We made a time line and each day, after reading the chapter, we add the person to the time line.  We also add other interesting events, like the Crimean War which we heard about when we read about Florence Nightingale.  We also printed a world map, downloaded from this helpful site and mark the place each person lived as we go.  I'm hoping we can keep this up even when the school work does arrive.  There are five books of ten girls, that's one every school day for the whole term!

We've been doing some arithmetic.  We had recently bought a mental arithmetic book for Sophie and she does a page each day.  Bethany has worked on worksheets created by Mathemania, a shareware program that is very easy to download and use.  We've also started learning times-tables.

We've also started a unit on fish.  We're thinking about these questions;
  • how do fish breathe under water?
  • how do fish swim?
  • what do fish eat?
  • what makes a fish a fish?
  • how can we work out which fish is which?
Wikipedia, howstuffworks, enchanted learning (for activity sheets) and this fishy site have been really helpful.  We're also working on an under-the-sea scene and I'll post some pictures at the end of the week.

So there you are.  The internet makes home-schooling much easier.  However, I'm not sure I could keep up this pace for much longer and am hoping Glen comes back from town this evening with a parcel from their teacher in Sydney!


Anonymous said...


Here is a really good time line/ important people site. I use it for school.

It is good fun to browse.


Rachael said...

Thanks Dad, but when I go to the site, I just get empty boxes. Is it just our connection, do you think?