Monday, 8 June 2009

running water

Let's all of us that have water piped to the house; water suitable to drink, water for showering, water for cleaning, just take a moment to thank God for this blessing, and to think of our sisters all over the world for whom every task involving water is so much more complicated, requires so much more forethought and involves more back-ache and time.

Think of what life would be like if for all your watery needs, you had to carry water from the tap in the back garden, or the tap down the end of the street, or from the nearest river.   

Consider it the next time you turn on a tap in your kitchen, or bathroom, or ensuite, or laundry, or you flush the toilet.

I think of how often I have grumbled about this, that or the other; but after a weekend in a village I promise myself I'll stop.  No more grumbles.  No more complaints.  Never again.  Just humble hardwork around the home.


If only piped water cleansed the soul as well...

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Sarz said...

Thank you for the reminder. It is easy to forget how easy I have it.