Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mending my heart

Yesterday, 5pm, Sophie runs inside.

Sophie: Mum! You have to fix Bob's* shirt!

Me: Why?

Sophie: Because I saw him wearing a T-shirt and it was ripped all the way down the side so I told him to go and change it and bring it here and you would fix it.

Me, thinking about all our mending I don't do, and wishing Sophie wasn't quite so benevolent: But...

Sophie: His Mum doesn't have a sewing machine and you do.

Me, wondering if we might cause offense if we go around offering to mend people's clothes: Is it alright with his Mum?

Sophie: Yeah. He's just coming.

Me, realising that because I've already made a stew which is happily bubbling away on its own, that I do actually have time to do some mending right now. I've run out of excuses so I keep my mouth shut.

Soon Bob and his brother turn up with a T-shirt and a pair of shorts each all badly in need of repair. I sit at the sewing machine wondering when village seamstress became part of my job description. I definitely didn't include it. The five children race around the living room all terribly excited.

Half way through the first pair of shorts Glen turns up. I wonder about his shorts in the cupboard that I still haven't mended. He sits down.

Glen: I'm glad you're doing their mending. I thought about my shorts and wondered why you don't mend for me. For only two seconds. And then I thought about how many other pairs of shorts I have and I'm really glad you're doing this.

I start to stop simmering away. I see how delighted the boys are to have their shorts repaired. I'm glad Sophie is kind and helpful and wish I could be more like her.

* not his real name


Victoria Hookham (nee Robertson!) said...

Rachael, thank you for your post. I really appreciate your honest and humble thoughts.
I love the way small children teach us such big lessons in life... Obviously I don't have any myself, but get a real kick of the gorgeous 4-6yr olds each week at Kids Church, and what they come up with.Lovely to hear about Sophie's kind heart.

Mike said...

what a lovely thing for glen to say.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say what Mike said. What a wonderful response and affirmation.

Rachael said...

Hi Victoria and welcome! HEr kindness certainly was a rebuke to me.

It was good of Glen to say something - I was worried about how he would respond.