Thursday, 4 June 2009

Found It

The children and I had a L O N G walk home from Tangoa Island yesterday where we had been to see the President award medals for community service.

Glen had had the foresight to surreptiously slip me a bag of jelly babies and I had made good use of these through the day (the ceremony was three hours late starting and hadn't finished when we left) and was continuing to make good use of them on the walk home.  I counted up the number of lolly stops we would need and counted the number left in the packet.  Not enough for me (sigh).

After one distribution, I said to Matthew, who was being carried (so not sure why he was getting them as they were being awarded for walking without grizzling),
"Some for Mummy?"
He shoved it in his mouth as quickly as he could and said, holding his hands up in bewilderment,

"It wasn't gone when I asked for some!"  said I.
About thirty seconds later, I was disturbed from my thoughts to find him trying to push a very wet jelly baby into my mouth.  
"Found it!"  he said.
I thanked him, took a small bite and gave back the rest.

I can't begin to fathom what he was thinking and when.  

And yes, I have always accepted my children's offerings of food, partly chewed or otherwise.  I work on the (naive perhaps) belief that this will encourage sharing and generosity.  Hmmm...

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Raeline said...

Dear Rachael,

A beautiful story. Our dear Matthew.

Love Mum Raeline