Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Most Terrible Creature in the World

Last week our children enjoyed making masks and putting on a play with their friends from New Zealand who also do correspondence school.


Raeline said...

The masks are great.

Matthew looks to have grown by quite a few cms.

I guess he is sitting on his wonderful friend and companion Pete's knee.

A lovely photo. Love Mum

Anonymous said...

Is "The Most Terrible Creature in the World" the name of the play?
Is it a play the children wrote?
What/who is TMTCINW
Who are the characters?


Rachael said...

TMTCINW is the name of the play. It was a play one of the New Zealander's received in one of their units of work. The mask making was part of the work too. There was a tiger, a hare, an elephant (Bethany) and a fox (Sophie) and TMTCINW which turned out to be a caterpillar which Matthew and his friend played together. The play was simple, hare returns to his house to find the TMTCINW in his house and too scared too investigate, remains outside. Tiger, fox and elephant come along but are also too scared to investigate. Then hare summons the courages and flushes him out and lo and behold it was only a caterpillar!