Monday, 4 May 2009

Explore the What?

We also have been really impressed with XTB bible reading notes for children and also have lamented the relative difficulty in obtaining them (thanks Nicole, for the tip!).  However, we have encountered one small problem.

 We noticed that Sophie was completing an extraordinary number of “days” worth of the notes completing upwards of six days in a sitting.  On probing, we found that she had discovered that she didn’t actually need to read the bible in order to answer the questions in the notes.  Most of the answers have a code, which can be de-coded or the answer is given straight away in the notes following.  The codes were so much fun that she would simply read the notes and answer the questions and go on to the next one without ever opening the bible.  That would take too long!

 The tool we had given her to help her read the bible was only teaching her that she didn’t really need the bible to know all the answers.

 It’s not the fault of the tool at all.  The tool itself is not faulty, but as with any tool, there is a danger of misuse.  It’s the same with adult daily bible reading notes.  It’s the same with the notes in study bibles.  They are great helps but if we read them rather than the bible we are guilty of misusing them.

 For the time being, one of us sits with Sophie and we do XTB together.  This way we ensure that God’s word is read and it is great time together.  Certainly bed-time has been less difficult since this practise began.

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Hannah Blake said...

Ha ha, I did that too with my Bible reading notes.