Friday, 8 May 2009

Easter traditions

Nicole wrote some really helpful posts leading up to Easter about how to celebrate Easter (here's the first). Spurred on by this, we also learnt a memory verse in the days leading up to Easter. This was ours:

All the hearts went up at once and we turned over one at a time. A small easter egg was given to each child who could say the as much of the verse as had been revealed at that time. Even Matthew worked hard to learn it. Thanks Nicole! It was really helpful.


Hannah Blake said...

I love that you have Foundation font on your computer. Do you get it through school? When I first got it I felt more like a teacher than I ever had before!!

Hope you're having a good time away.

Rachael said...

Glen downloaded it from somewhere on the internet. Bold font was free but normal we had to pay for, which we didn't, so we just use bold for everything. Makes me feel more like a teacher, too.