Monday, 6 April 2009

which flower is this? (33)

I think I’ve found another one of the ZINGIBERACEAE family. It looks quite different to the others (here, here and here) but has these features in common:

  • The same sort of leaf and stem, and the same way of growing from the ground, which I haven’t pictured.

  • A ‘flower-like’ structure actually made up of leaves, sometimes coloured (like the red ginger flower).

  • The true flowers grow out of the axils of the leaves in this structure. Some are obvious (like the white and peach ginger lilies) some are quite unobtrusive (like this one).

This week’s flower is another that has more unobtrusive true flowers. See the yellow flower growing out from between the leaf and the stem (the leaf axil) in this photo?

You can see the leaf at the top of the photo is tinged with the same pink as in the top photo. The ‘flower’ in the top photo is technically made up of leaves.

Hopefully, I'll have found out what it is by the end of the week!  Help always welcome.

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