Wednesday, 8 April 2009

When the Power Comes On

We have been blessed with another visit from Betty Murray to help our students with their study in English. This time, she brought her friend, Penny Wright, to assist her. Penny has now returned home, but she left us with this poem describing her experiences, particularly of eating each night with a different student family, which I reproduce her with her permission...

When the Power Comes On

When the power comes on
I'll see your faces in the dark recesses
And read the messages your brown eyes send
But for the moment I can't see your smiles.

When the power comes on
I'll see your lives in cramped and stuffy rooms
But clean and neat and 'home' - but lacking privacy -
Lit by the light of hospitality.

When the power comes on
There'll be a sudden glow invading,
Illuminating homes where Christ's the honoured guest,
Where fellowship with you's a precious gift.

When the power comes on
It only lasts two hours or three,
Momentary power to ease the evening hours,
Help weary studying eyes, the writing hands.

But the Power is on.
It permeates Talua through the beauty here,
It shines through thunderclouds, life's difficutlties too,
But most it streams through Talua people's gifts -
The Power is on.

Penny Wright, April, 2009

Me, Penny and Betty

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