Thursday, 9 April 2009

Vanuatu Bible Commentary Books

On Tuesday of this week, the first two books in the Vanuatu Bible Commentary series were officially presented to the Talua Library.

The Vanuatu Bible Commentary Project, led by Rosemary and Andy Williamson, aims to provide commentaries in the Bislama language to help people teach the Bible clearly and faithfully. The first two books were published recently and officially launched at the Langham Preaching Conference held last week in Vila.

On Tuesday, the two books were presented to the librarian at Talua. They were ‘Filimon’ by Pastor Sophia Silas (left above) and 'Fas Tesalonaeka’ by Philip Joses (right). ‘Mak’, ‘Filipae’, ‘Fas Jon’, ‘Fas Pita’, ‘Esta’ and others are in the pipeline.

These are the first of such resources to be available in the Bislama language. It is really exciting to be a witness of this great work!

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