Thursday, 2 April 2009

Our weekend on Field Experience

Our weekend in the village was a tiring one! Late nights, not much sleep, early mornings and constantly working at communicating in a different language and culture is tiring. None-the-less it was a wonderful opportunity to get to know people, to work side by side with the students and to talk about the Lord Jesus.

The student wives and I had decided for our first weekend, we would talk with the leaders of the women’s ministry and work out with them what we would do over the next few months. We were saddened to hear that the group is now very small and surprised to find they’d organised for us to meet with all the members on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately we’d prepared (just in case) which was good as quite a handful turned up. One of the student wives shared her testimony and we did a bible study together, on Matthew 5:8;
"Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God."
The women as a whole were shocked to hear me suggest that I was not pure in heart and neither were they and surprised by the grace that means we can be sure we will see God.

I am really looking forward to the rest of our time there. Please keep praying for me and the student wives as we work in the village. Pray for me particularly as I still find speaking on spiritual matters quite difficult in a different language. I'm never quite sure if I've actually said what I meant to say.

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Raeline said...

Dear Rachael,

Wow. Sounds like a really fruitful weekend. Actually changing their way of thinking on your first visit.
Love Mum Raeline