Tuesday, 14 April 2009


"Komeje" means thank you in the language of the people of Tangoa, a small island nearby here. Komeje! seemed to be the message on Sunday when the New Testament, newly translated into the Tangoan language, was presented to the people, and dedicated to the glory of God.

The day marked the completion of many years of work, under the supervision of Jeff and Sue Batcock, tranlators with SIL. The celebrations began with Jeff and Sue arriving at the island in a canoe with the Tangoan New Testament in a carefully decorated box. Although this may bear little resemblance to their actual arrival on the island around 1995, the canoe has become a symbol in Vanuatu for the movement of the word of God from island to island.

The word of God was welcomed onto the island carried throughout the village, being accepted by all the different family groups in the village. A Thanksgiving service was held, with bible readings, prayers and sermon in the Tangoan language. Apparently it was a great message on the resurrection. The Word of God in one's own language is powerful!

After the service the New Testaments were given out.

Komeje! to Jeff and Sue for all your work.

Komeje! to God for giving your redemptive word to us.

When all the celebrations were over we also jumped into a canoe to return to the mainland and begin our long walk home. Actually, Matthew and I ended up hopping into a (very croweded) motor boat. Not nearly so romantic, but there are sharks in that water!

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