Tuesday, 24 March 2009


The Many Adventures of Singenpoo by Paul Jennings is one of our family favourites.

This book contains all four Singenpoo stories in one volume. Singenpoo is a cat, named after swallowing a small radio that continued to play music while on the inside and then even after having passed through. Scott is the boy, in his teens, who takes an after school job at Major Mac’s chicken take-away shop and befriends the cat, Singenpoo, who hasn’t been doing such a good job at catching mice. The books tell of the adventures they have as Scott learns that Singenpoo is in fact quite a remarkable cat.

This is what our copy looks like now:

Matthew, when he was still only one, would take it to bed everyday, look through it page by page and then eventually fall asleep cuddled up to it. Not surprisingly, after a while, it fell apart. I have done my best job at putting it back together, including a new cover. I know I could've prevente this, after all, I didn't have to let him take it to bed with him... but aren't we supposed to encourage a love of books in our children?

So, Matthew loves it. Bethany loves having it read to her and Sophie loves reading it. There's not so much text on each page as to frighten beginning readers. Purrrfect!

The illustrations by Keith McEwan are fantastic. On every page, they are colourful, spunky and full of life as they draw you into the action. It is the pictures that amuse Matthew and he really will sit for hours turning pages and exclaiming at the pictures.

The girls also exclaim at some of the twists in the stories, which are definitely not for the more prim and proper amoung us. A great book for boys! I think Matthew will enjoy it for many more years to come.


Karen said...

Great to see a book that has been so well loved! Nice repair job too. I'd rather have tatty children's books that are loved than beautiful books that are rarely read.

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