Tuesday, 10 March 2009

simple party hats

Bethany has been doing a unit of work for school on toys. As part of this unit, she had to organise a party for her toys. Because it was so close to Matthew's birthday we decided instead to organise a party for Matthew.

Bethany's job was to write a list of guests and to make the invitations. She invited the Kindy, and our friends from New Zealand. She did her job well, and learnt in the process about different text types!  However, the job of running a party with real live children is a difficult one and we all helped with that.  What would we do?

We came up with the idea of making party hats.  This would give the children something to do when they arrived, as well as supply what the limited resources for children's parties in Luganville could not.

We folded an A4 sheet of paper lengthwise and stapled at both ends (bottom).  Then we cut a pattern along the folded edge, being careful to leave both ends uncut (top).

Then when the children arrived, they decorated them with stickers.

And had great fun wearing their 'crowns'.

We also played games and sang and ate cake, which you can read about here.

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