Friday, 6 March 2009

Reading the Bible with Children.

Here are some resources we have discovered this year that have been really helpful for reading the bible with our children.

My Favourite Story Bible for Toddlers
We found this board-book, My Favourite Story Bible for Toddlers, in the library at Talua. It tells selected stories from the bible very simply (sometimes too simplistically) and has lively, colourful pictures with flaps. Matthew just loves the flaps and will sit for hours (well, maybe not hours) turning pages and lifting flaps. We always know when the Israelites enter Jericho, for he cries out, "Oh dear! Broke!". Sophie enjoys reading it to him and helping him to pray as suggested after each story.

The Child's Story Bible
Bethany just loves listening to stories. Last year I would often go looking Bethany at the end of the day and find her crouching on the grass next to a student, wide eyed and engrossed in their story telling. The Child's Story Bible by Catherine Vos is fantastic for her.  Catherine tells the stories of the bibles interestingly and faithfully.  She seamlessly weaves the theology taught by the prophets and in the epistles into each narrative.  She always points to fulfilment in Christ and soundly applies the stories to the life of a child (mind you... we're not through Genesis yet!).

The only disadvantage is that it is full of text with only a few pictures scattered througout. This means that Sophie doesn't want to read it on her own, but Bethany just delights in listening to it, and it is perfect for reading aloud.

eXplore The Bible
Following Nicole's lead, we bought XTB for Sophie to introduce her to reading the bible on her own, and we have been delighted to see Sophie doing so each evening. There is a bible reading for each day, with activities to ensure comprehension of the main points (she loves the codes), questions to think about and suggestions for prayer. She really enjoys it and we are only disappointed that it seems that there don't seem to be many available (does anyone have any information about this?)


Nicole said...

Thanks for this Rachael!

Jacob's still loving XTB too - and Table Talk is working well with all 3 kids.

We've been worried about this resource drying up too! We've worked out that we can get an XTB subscription through the Good Book Co (England). Have you looked into that?

Karen said...

Our older kids use XTB as well - wonderful for getting them into the habit of reading the Bible for themselves. Thanks to Nicole for the info about getting a subscription - I'll look into that.

Just found your blog recently and am really enjoying it.
Karen Harricks

Anonymous said...

Alison said...

Yes, Matthias Media, for some reason way beyond my understanding, no longer sell XTB - which I thought was one of the best children's personal Bible reading tools around & I used to flog it on church bookstalls here!!

BUT!!! it's published by their partner company in the UK, The Good Book Company, & they have all 12 issues, plus an Easter, Christmas & Summer Holiday issue!!
So I'd suggest you order it from them, online.

Rachael said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and encouragement about XTB. We'll definitely pursue them. I did order from the good book company but at the time there were not many in stock there either. We couldn't get number one and so Sophie started with number two. Maybe it was just a bad time. A subscription would be a good idea.

Hi Karen! It's good to hear from you. I hope you are all going well.

Nicole said...

Maybe if we all keep pursuing it, they might keep publishing! I hope they do. I want to be able to get copies for Bec and Elsie when they're ready too!