Monday, 2 March 2009

England needs God, too.

My attention was drawn recently, by a friend, to this very interesting article from the Times.

I’ve since seen it published in a number of different Christian publications.

It’s interesting that the journalist had the courage it write it. It’s interesting that it was published. It’s interesting that such topics are up for discussion in the secular media. It’s interesting that he has to assert his commitment to atheism in order for his voice to be heard.

It’s interesting for what it says about Christianity and it’s power to liberate the African people from their bondage to tribal customs.

It’s interesting to hear someone dispel the noble savage myth, if not in so many words.

But there are some things that profoundly concern me.

First is the way that Christians* are parading it like a trophy. Why do we need the approval of the world? Why are we afraid to proclaim the truth that Afrcia needs God until it has the stamp of approval from the secular word? Do we feel validated, justified, vindicated?

Secondly, and more importantly, there is something wrong with his analysis if he can proclaim that rural Africans need God, but imply that he himself does not.

For him the problem is bondage to tribal beliefs which suppress individualism and retard development, not bondage to Satan in its various manifestations; the goal is development, not salvation from the just wrath of a Holy God. Christianity is simply a (surprisingly and disturbingly) effective conduit for social change by replacing the beliefs which retard it with beliefs which promote it.

Does not England need God too?

Australia does; not just Vanuatu.

* myself included!!

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