Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A Car Mat

Our Matthew loves cars.  His match-box cars are treasured possessions. This birthday I was determined to make something for him that he could use in creative car-play.  But as usual, it was only a few days before that I gave it serious thought, and only the day before that I had time to put pen to paper... or to put scissors to fabric.

I found some useful pieces of fabric in my sewing box.  A green fabric did nicely for the background, and a stripey one supplied the roads and the border.

Then all sorts of bits and pieces provided, for the active imagination, a variety of pictures to make it more interesting.  There is an aquarium, a wildlife sanctuary, a wheat belt, a sheep farm, blocks of houses, high-rise apartments, a building site, a cricket oval, a school, a hospital, a shopping centre and a church.

Tempted as I was to stay up all night to finish it, I settled for the background and the roads.  I'll work on the rest over the next few weeks.


Karen said...

I love it. What a fortunate boy to get something made for him by his mum...
Please post a photo of it again when you've completely finished it.

Rachael said...

I'm looking forward to those photos too. Let's hope it doesn't turn into another unfinished project like that 12 year old cross-stitch in my basket!

Ally said...

Looks fabulous Rach.
Please finish it. I want to see it !
Hope all is going well. Love ally<'v'>