Friday, 27 March 2009

Beatitudes and Values

In God's great timing, and inspired by Jean's work in memorising scripture with her children, we began working through the beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-10) at the start of this term.

We started by dicussing what it means to be blessed and then each we talked about the next beatitude, and worked on adding it to memory; hiding it in our hearts. We coloured in part of the growing poster on the wall and sometimes we did a role play.

A highlight for me was when we were talking about being pure in heart. We talked about pure meaning to be good and right all the way through. Drawing from Psalm 15 and Romans 3:10-12, I said, only the pure in heart will see God. Bethany, beginning to cry, said, "but Mummy, that means I will never see God because there is bad in my heart and I try and try but there is always bad". What joy to talk with her about sharing the heart of Christ, the only one that is pure!

It has been such great timing because it has been a great help as we work through the nine values. For the value; "Do your best" we are encouraged to pursue excellence. We could compare that with "hunger and thirst for righteousness". We don't do the value of tolerance and inclusion (too abstract for the so young?), but it would be interesting to compare it with the "peace-makers" and those who are "persecuted because of righteousness".  Most of all, it's been good to see that the important thing is to be blessed by God, rather than to agree with these values, as good as they may be.

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