Tuesday, 10 February 2009

your little brother

"There's no room
for my feet",
you cried out.
"I can't sleep!"

In I went and
there you were,
in that small bed,
on the floor.

Hearing your sobs,
he awoke.
And seeing you there,
he joined you.

And you slept,
he and you.
Not room for one.
Enough for two.


Anonymous said...

is this about me?

Wayne (Dubbo) said...

lovely poem

Rachael said...

Thanks Wayne.

It's about you in the first instance if you are Bethany and Matthew.

It's about you in the second instance if you are a big sister who is loved by a little brother or if you a little brother who loves his big sister.

Anonymous said...

I think the first instance should be the poets little brother

Rachael said...

So you think I'm interpreting my children's behaviour through the lens of my own experience?

Anonymous said...

I think you are projecting your childhood love for your brothers

Rachael said...

But, while it is true that I love my brothers, the poem is not about sisterly love for brothers, but brotherly love of sisters.