Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Which flower is this? (27)

Hey, hey, hey!  We're up and running again online. So I thought I'd mark the occasion with a Which flower is this?

This first series of five flowers will be ones I photographed while in Australia over Christmas, either from the Leura Cascades, or from the Valley Heights fire-trail behind my parent's house. 

Here's the first one.

It was situated at the top of the steps up from the Leura Cascades on the round track back to the picnic area, right near where the photograph of Sophie, Bethany and Matthew (in their winter clothes and looking very chilly) which I posted here, was taken.

At first I thought it was a RICE FLOWER, having seen something similar in the nursery at Bunnings. But having had a good look in my Key Guide to Australian Wildflowers, it is clear that it is not.  RICE FLOWERS have only four petals on each of those very tiny flowers, but this one has five, and this one doesn't seem to be in my guide.

So... what is it? Do you know? Can you guess? Don't be afraid... just click that comment button.


Anonymous said...

Haven't a clue!!
Looks a bit like Daphne but I'm guessing that's highly unlikely!
But it's very delicate & I love the tiny flowers.


Rachael said...

I'm not sure what Daphne looks like...

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see your blog happening again Rach!!

I have no idea what the flower is, it's quite pretty though.