Thursday, 19 February 2009

Samaritan Woman

Here's a song inspired by reflection on John 4:1-42. We'll be singing it tomorrow morning at college devotions.

Woman Samaria*

Woman by the well,
Your life filled with sin and shame,
Cut off from the most holy place,
Cut off from his bounteous face.
Woman Samaria,
We’re just the same.

Not on this mountain.
Not in Jerusalem.
(But) we worship in spirit,
We worship in truth.
Not houses built of stone.
But (built) with each one of us.
We worship in spirit,
We worship in truth.

(Though) tired out from the journey,
He spoke words of spirit and love;
Living water, great gift of God. [x2]
Israel’s Messiah
Sent from above.


Hearing his words you believe them,
No longer condemned, you run
Straight into the presence of God. [x2]
Filled with the spirit
Life in the Son


Come drink living water
His words of truth, believe,
He’ll carry you right to the Father [x2]
Cleansed by the spirit
You’ll be received.

chorus, twice

* 'Woman Samaria' is Bislama for 'woman from Samaria'.  Identity in Vanuatu is very tightly related to where you are from.

** bracketed words are the ones we crossed out for the sake of rhythm when singing

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