Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Mrs Piggle-Wiggle on washing up.

Tim Chester wrote this great post the other day about washing up.

The same day, Sophie was reading Mrs Piggle-Wiggle's advice to Mary Lou, who ran away from home because 'that woman' could not possibly be her real mother... real mothers who love their daughters wouldn't insist that they wash-up! Here it is;

"Now that's a funny thing," said Mrs Piggle-Wiggle. "I mean your hating to wash dishes so much, because you see, I like to wash dishes...

"When I wash dishes, Mary Lou, I pretend that I am a beautiful princess with long, golden, curly hair (Mary Lou's hair was jet black and braided into two stiff little pigtails), and apple-blossom skin and forget-me-not blue eyes. I have been captured by a wicked witch and my only change to get free is to wash every single dish and have the whole kitchen sparkly clean before the clock strikes. For, when the clock strikes, the witch will come down and inspect, to see if there is a crumb anywhere. If there are pots and pans that have been put away wet, if the silverware has been thrown in the drawer, of if the sink has bot been scrubbed out, the witch will have me in her power for another year."
(from Mrs Piggle-Wiggle by Betty MacDonald)

I know which method works more effectively for my six-year-old!

Myself, I like the 'listen to a talk on the mp3 player' method. Maybe I should listen to some more Tim Chester.

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Raeline said...

How did Sophie respond?