Friday, 20 February 2009

how did it go?

We sang this song in college devotions (chapel) this morning.  How did it go?

Well the chorus was beautiful but we really struggled through the verses.

I learnt some things and I am still wondering about others.

I learnt that singing is not my forte, nor is composing.  I love singing but I am a follower not a leader.  This makes it difficult when you are trying to teach others a song unaccompanied.  Why did I attempt it?  What made me think I could do it?  Pride probably.  A classic case of a belly-button attempting to be a mouth.  It should probably remain out of sight!

Which makes me wonder, is it always best to stick to what one is good at?  Perhaps there is a place for learning humility through experiences like this.  Someone commented to me that, it's good for people to see that white people aren't perfect at everything.

Singing is a powerful medium for the proclamation of truth when it is done well.  What about when it isn't?  Is intent, no matter how good that intent, enough?  (Leaving aside for the moment the possibility that intent wasn't all that pure either).  What about the desire to share with others through song?  What's the place for this?

It made me think of this 'bathroom' parable.  It gives me some encouragement... but not enough that I'll be singing in church (or anywhere else) again soon.


Jean said...

Oh, Rachael, I enjoyed that! Good on you for trying something new, and for being humble enough to admit what went well and what could have gone better. Maybe next time - and why shouldn't there be a next time? - even the verses will go well!!

Rachael said...

Hi Jean. Your series on pride has touched a few nerves, too.