Monday, 5 January 2009

Turn the heater on, please!

Coming over the Blue Mountains the other night as we came back from Dubbo, we were bemused to discover that Sophie had no word in her vocabulary for a heater.

When we left Dubbo it was 32 degrees (celsius). It was getting a little chilly at Lithgow and as we climbed up Victoria Pass the temperature plummeted to only 10 degrees (Vanuatu is it's coldest if it makes it down to 15 degrees).

The question came like this:

Sophie: Can you air condition hot air?

Me: What do you mean?

S: Well, the air conditioner makes the hot air cold. Is there any way that we can make it hot?

Me: Ah! Yes, there is, but we usually call that a heater.

S: Oh. Can you turn the heater on, please?

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Raeline said...

How gorgeous is that!