Thursday, 8 January 2009

Resolution Number One

Can I still make new year's resolutions? It's only the eighth?

I resolve not to read novels consecutively this year. After each novel there is to be a book of a more serious nature; history, theology, biography, books on parenting....

I'm still interested in recommendations for a good read.

Ideas, anyone??


Hannah Blake said...

I took some kids to the library the other day and found a book by Libby Hathorn called "Georgiana" (yes, it appealed to me because of P&P!). I'm reading it at the moment and really enjoying it. It's YA fiction so a really easy read, about a woman who came to Australia (Perth) in 1829 and was a pioneer of botany in Australia. I thought of you when I found it! Have you heard of it? I'd recommend it (although I haven't yet finished it!)

Michelle and Ben said...

My resolution is to be more interactive with blogging this year!
I can highly recommend Mark Driscoll's 'Death by Love' - the best Christian book I've ever read, on the practical implications of Jesus' death for people.
I can also recommend 'Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor' by Don Carson, about his dad. It's full of encouraging things.

Rachael said...

I look forward to it! More interaction, that is!

Thanks also for those recommendations. Oh, of the reading of books there is no end!