Friday, 9 January 2009

Leura Cascades

While Sophie has chicken pox, she is not very ill with it and has been full of beans the last few days. We have been trying to think of things to do that allow her to get out of the house and yet maintain her 'isolation'. Today we decided to go to the Leura Cascades. It was one of those bleak midsummer days that make walking in the mountains so embracing. It was 10 degrees (celsius) at Leura, and after sweltering at over 37 only two days ago, I can tell you that it was very brisk. A last minute dash back into the house to grab some warm clothes was fortuitous (even if the socks were all odd) and Bethany made the happy discovery that Grandpa has warm hands.

It is a easy walk along the cascades. It took us roughly an hour at toddler pace, as Matthew refused to be carried. In fact he quickly picked up the appropriate behaviour, stopping here and there to say 'dook' (look) and 'wow'. The walk up and out is a little more difficult by virtue of it being 'up' and out.

As always, I was held up by the flora (!!). It is so easy to walk by our flora; small, delicate, unassuming. Easy to passover en route to the spectacular... the views. Sophie said, 'its just like the view from Echo Point'. That is, you've seen one view in the Mountains, and you've seen them all.

I think I will always call the Blue Mountains home. I love the cold air in my lungs, choking yet quickening. I love the views, similar as they are, their green blankets spread over unmade beds, hiding yesterday's mess. I love the flora, often hidden, but delightful and tenacious. I love the mist hanging in the valleys, and the feeling of being, as Sophie said today, right up in the sky.

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