Saturday, 3 January 2009

a desire for holiness

Dr Helen Roseveare...
"All my Christian life, I have had an ever-increasing desire to know more, in practical experience, of what Holiness really means... From the moment I knew that Jesus Christ, God's Son had died to save me, bearing the penalty and guilt of my sins, I became conscious of a need to search for Holiness, a way to be holy - not that I called the object of my search 'Holiness'; rather, it was to be what I considered good, and to cease to be what I knew was bad.

"No one told me that this longing in my heart was the work of the Holy Spirit and the beginning of what is called 'sanctification' - the process of making me holy, like unto the Lord Jesus. In fact, no one told me that this sanctifying work of the Spirit in my heart was the essential proof that He had regenerated my life. As soon as one is justified and saved, the work of sanctification must begin, and it is the Holy Spirit Himself who causes one to 'hunger after righteousness,' to want to be good, as He makes real in one's heart that which God sees to be good; and to want to cease to be bad, as He shows one those things that displease God."
Living Holiness, p27

Bethany... (in response to the question, 'What are you looking forward to about Heaven?')
"Mmm... not doing bad things anymore."

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