Sunday, 4 January 2009

christmas fun

We did this last year.  It was so much fun we did it again this year.  Does that make it a Christmas Tradition?

We use different sized star biscuit cutters to make large, medium-sized and small star shaped biscuits.  We made ginger biscuits.  Then we made that 'egg-white and icing sugar' icing (it's real name is 'royal icing'and it is used for piping decorations on cakes, there's a recipe in the common sense cookery book, or you can read how I make it here) and used it as glue to stick 8-9 biscuits on top of one another, in order of decreasing size and offset to make the whole construction look like a christmas tree (a little bit like, that is).  Then we stuck on smarties and those shiny ball decoration thingys to make it look like a decorated christmas tree (a little bit like, that is).

Sophie and Bethany loved it and even Matthew made one.  I can't believe how much the younger ones just pick up from watching their siblings.  It's much easier than a Gingerbread House; and healthier, as you can't quite stick so many lollies on one of these.

The idea came from an evangelistic event run at Petersham Baptist Church in 2003.

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