Wednesday, 14 January 2009

chicken-pox... maybe not

We're now thinking that Sophie probably doesn't have chicken pox.

The DNA swab came back negative and the spots are just not behaving like chicken pox.  They are still spreading, very slowly, and aren't blistering like chicken pox.

It seems that they are more like Mulloscum contagiosum which doesn't sound great, but is relatively harmless, apparently.  


Anonymous said...

What about this from Wikipedia:

However via autoinoculation, the disease may propagate and so an outbreak generally lasts longer with mean durations variously reported as 8 months,[3] to about 18 months,[5][6] and with a range of durations from 6 months to 5 years.[4][6]

or this:

Most cases of molluscum will clear up naturally within two years (usually within nine months).

I'm glad it's not harmful, but that is a long time for it too hang around. And she'll be infectious for that long too, I assume. Is this a very common virus?


Wayne (Dubbo) said...

Well it's reasonably common - we have it in Dubbo - Laura and Madeline!

It says it's common in tropical areas...

And you can go to school with it as long as exposed sores are covered.


Rachael said...

yes... that's a bit scary... the length of time.

The doctor said that it is common and harmless. Sophie seems to have a worse case than normal... more widespread but this may be because she has had the flu.

Bec said...

Although I have never commented before, I wanted to reassure you that my daughter had quite a bad case of this and it just disappeared after a year or so. We were told it was only contagious with those who might bath with her, or have close contact with that part of her skin. Hers were under her chin and spreading down to her shoulder. My son also got them but only three spots which have recently gone after just a couple of months. Really not that contagious I don't think!
PS. We weren't at all tropical at that point!