Monday, 1 December 2008

Reading Luke

We start reading Luke together over at EQUIP BOOKCLUB today.

Read along with us, and don't be shy about joining the discussion.

Here's how it starts....

Christmas. It comes around so quickly now. But remember when the wait was so long. Remember your anticipation as the tree went up, as presents appeared, as your Mum baked… You knew what was coming and you looked forward to the joy of its arrival. Well, imagine a four hundred year wait. Imagine one thousand years. And then, an angel appears… and then another… and then the barren is with child… and the virgin… and you know what is coming. 

Wait. Anticipation. Joy. This is the atmosphere of these first two chapters of Luke; the very first Christmas.

Luke is careful to show that God is working in the events of this first Christmas in order to accomplish what he had promised.

Read the rest here.

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